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       What is The Brain-Gut Connection?

The Brain-Gut Connection is the foundation for 

Science is now showing us that something called the 'microbiome', which is a collection of literally 100 trillion - yes that's trillion with a 'T' - of microorganisms that exist within our gut is the predictor of our health.

If you have an unhealthy gut or microbiome, you are most likely currently suffering from some form of health issue that you may be aware of or one that is lurking in the shadows and will be revealed at some later date.

Can't sleep? Suffer from an autoimmune issue? Cancer? Heart disease? Degenerative brain disease? Autism? Anxiety? Depression? I can go on but I think you get the picture.

To get a more complete picture of the impact the microbiome has on our health, I invite you to go out to PubMed and in the search bar put in "microbiome" and then any organ or health issue and see what comes back.

The science around this is complicated. But the short version is that our gut health suffers because of our diet, the chemicals in our environment, and the big one - the stress in our lives.

We eat food that never existed in our evolutionary timeline until the last 100 or so years. Our farming practices of today use genetically modified seeds that are then sprayed with herbicides, pesticides to increase the yield and have to be fed synthetic chemicals or fertilizers to get them to grow. We think eating organic is the way to go yet the NOP (National Organic Program) is rife with big money making changes in such a way that while the NOP was a great idea, it was corrupted from the start. And let's not forget the meat that we eat and how it's fed an unnatural diet and prior to being slaughtered has itself become unhealthy. The Standard American Diet (SAD, kind of says it all right there) is not the diet you should eat.

We literally swim in a chemical rain shower. The fragrances we put on our bodies, the deodorants, shampoos/conditioners, skin care, makeup, our mouthwash, toothpaste, the smells we smell, heck even the water we drink all contain chemicals. And we either place these on our largest organ, the one organ that doesn't have a filtration system, our skin, or we inhale or ingest them. Add to this mix the fact that while there are over 80,000 chemicals at play today, the US has only tested 1,300 for human safety. Now for the real kicker. We are now birthing children in this country that have upwards of 300 chemicals already in their bodies. And we wonder why children's health is suffering.

And now we come to stress. We evolved as the hunter/gatherer who was faced with a hard life. Over time we developed what we call today the stress response. This response was designed and evolved for the continuation of the species. The response is simple - we possess a supply of hormones that are just laying around enjoying themselves until there is a triggering event. Back in our ancestors time this could have been walking around a tree and come face to face with a very large, very hungry animal. This would trigger this stress response which is commonly referred to as the fight or flight. And as long as you could run the fastest and didn't trip, you lived another day.

But what happens to the body when a stress response is triggered? Great question! A hormone dump occurs which are designed to take a sedentary you, and put you in motion before you can blink an eye. This stress response either shuts down or expands bodily functions so that you can move to survive. You don't move fast enough and you are food. Then as soon as that stressor is gone, your reached safety, your body will purge itself of these hormones. Reload the hormone supply and await the next triggering event.

Now let's move to today and talk about the stress of the modern condition. You wake up every morning - assuming you slept at all - and your brain kicks into action. You start ticking off the things that have to happen but also you start listing the various issues that you are facing.

"Man the rent payment is due and I've got to get the car out of the shop..."

"The kids college tuition is due next week, where am I going to get the money to pay it..."

"Boy was the boss angry with me yesterday, I hope I still have a job when I get to work..."

"I can't believe that a--hole cut me off on my drive home yesterday..."

When our ancestors lived they were concerned with food, water, shelter and safety. There wasn't a car/mortgage/rent/tuition/vacation/retirement/a--holes that they were thinking about.

Add to this constant drip of worry that major triggering response when you almost have a car accident, or a family member dies suddenly, or you do lose your job. And what you end up with is a burnt out stress response.

Instead of functioning normally - stress events trigger a hormone dump which is purged once the stress event is over. What we have today is living in constant stress to instead of a dump occuring, you have a leak. A small leak in this system. And because of the corrosive nature of these hormones it will, over time burn out your immune system. Once this happens, and it may take years for this to happen, then you may be faced with a very, very serious health issue.

I like to paint the picture that 30 years ago when you put in that new bathroom upstairs there was a tiny little leak in the water pipe. You never noticed it but then one Thanksgiving dinner you and your family is sitting around the turkey when all of a sudden the bath tub comes crashing down and ruins your turkey.

I can personally attest to this. I was severely traumatized as a 5-14 year old kid. I hit 50 and I'm feeling pretty good. In decent shape, a Marine, a runner turned body builder turned power lifter and when my blood work came back with a Type 2 diagnosis to say you could have pushed me over with a feather is an understatement. I was the complete opposite of what a diabetic looks like. My diet was cleaner - or so I thought - then anyone I knew. How could this be?

Well long story short, what I have discovered over the last decade or so of research is that I needed to change my diet - I went paleo. I needed to get chemicals out of my environment - you'll be hard pressed to find any chemicals in my home. I needed to destress - today I have a few practices that keeps me anger, anxiety, depression free. But the biggest benefit to my health is that I've healed my gut. And you can to.

So I invite you to join me on your own journey to your own ideal health.

You don't need to live in pain. Nor fear. Nor discomfort. It really can be as simple as making a small adjustment to your diet, cleaning up your environment, learning to really relax, but the foundation of all of this, what magnifies the results - is healing your gut.

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